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Mathematics is a subject in which we all face problems. Due to the fact that maths contain practical some student may not like this subject. If you study maths in the right way the problems are much easy to solve

How to be good at maths

Tips for maths problem solving

1. Regularity in study of mathematics 

The most important thing in the study of maths is regularity. You should see that you are working regularly. Distribute your time properly for all the subjects. Avoid the habit of studying all the night and then sleeping during day. This is unnatural  and will do no good to your preparation. You can also set particular time for maths. As it will prepare your mind mentally.

2. Try yourself question 

At the end of each topic and in between in each exercise a set of unsolved questions are given along with the answers and necessary hint wherever necessary. Don't rely on examples, try yourself exercise question to proper clarity of topic. Also you will find the list of important formulae of the particular topic. 

3. Practice 

No one is perfect in anything, practice make man perfect. Regular practice of maths help you to understand it. The more you practice answering maths problems the better it is. There is no escaping from maths, to do well in maths exam you need to have solved a lot of mathematics problems beforehand. 

4. Hard question 

In the case you fumble over a question, think for 5 minutes. If you got no idea to solve rest of the question then leave it. Sometime leaving the question is the best way to solve the question. After 1 hour take that question again, if you are not able to solve the question take the question to your teacher. Here the most important thing is fighting with your question. If you don't think about questions you won't be able to solve the hard questions in exam.

5. Never read mathematics 

Always adope pen and paper for doing mathematics otherwise you will be simply deceiving yourself. You will never be able to reproduce the solution of a question in the examination unless or until you have done it earlier in writing.

6. Before going to your class

In order to take the maximum benefit out of books, you should always before going to your class read the portion of your book which your teacher is going to discuss in the class. This will create greater interest in the lecture. You can also clear some points from your teacher which you might not have been able to understand independently from the book.

7. Important formula's

There are certain basic and standard formula's of various branches of mathematics which every student is expected to know, but it is found that the students are not definite about these standard result of trigonometry, differential and integral calculus, co-ordinate geometry etc. You are therefore,  advised to leave a small margin in your copy and write in it the formula's about which you are not sure and which is required for the solution of that particular problem. This will demarcate what you knows and what you do not know and will facilitate the work of revision also. A list of such formula's is given at the back of each chapter

8. Revision before examination 

In order to simplify the work of revision before examination, you should while preparing any book or its chapter, mark "R" with red ink in your copy those questions which you feel are difficult or require some special trick or method and which you are likely to forget. Only these questions may be looked and revised the day before the examination. Do not include in this list those type of questions which are based on direct application of formula and which you can always do.

9. How to attempt paper

In examination avoid over-writing and scratching in the copy. Look to note given in the paper and attempt first the question which you know well. Attempt maximum number of questions. Always revise your answers. Keep left side of your page for rough work and cross it. In case you fumble over a question in the paper, do not waste much time over it and no need to be nervous. Look to some other question about which you are confident and start solving it.


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